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To denote feet we occasionally use the ′ symbol or the abbreviation ft.

In turn, m is the symbol for meter.

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How many Meters in a Foot?

The answer to 1 meter is how many feet is 3.2808398950131233595800524934383 feet, because 1 foot is equivalent to and defined as 0.3048 m.

Historically, the unit foot was related to the length of a human foot and varied greatly from place to place.

In the year 1959 the foot was standardized as being 0.3048 meters exactly.

Feet to Meters Conversion

As follows from above, to convert the length we have to multiply the value in foot by 0.3048, which is the same as the division by 3.280839.

The feet to meters formula is as follows:

[meter] = [foot] x 0.3048

In daily use, the following approximation is often precise enough for the conversion feet in meters:

[meter] ≈ [foot] x 0.3

For example, for the transformation of 3 feet we multiply 3 by 0.3048 and get 0.9144 meters.

The feet to meter conversion is not difficult, yet there are easier ways to change feet into meters.

You can, for instance, look up the conversions we have already made available using the search form which you can find in the sidebar or further down on this page.

Given you depth, length, high or with is x, then you may run a query like x foot in meters in the search boy, and the result page will list all relevant results.

Along the same lines, terms such as x foot meter will produce the desired conversion, too.

Just to name a few.

Or, even better, use our calculator below.

About our Feet to Meter Converter

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If you have no inches leave the second field empty; the calculator starts automatically.

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Here’s how to change meters to feet.

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Here you can find our meters to feet article, along with a converter of course.

By now, you know what matters about ‘ to meter, and in addition, you have a converter feet to meter at your fingertips.

Next, we tell you how long a foot is the other metrical units:

1 ft in millimeter = 304.8 mm
1 ft in centimeters = 30.48 cm
1 ft in decimeter = 3.048 dm
1 ft in kilometer = 0.0003048 km

Below we will provide you with some additional information, and also tell you why we have built this website. As summary, we are going to use an image.

Additional Information

You might be surprised that “metre”, instead of “meter” is the official spelling according to the International System of Units.

Whilst we use meter throughout our foot to meter website, this is the American spelling.

And what applies to the base unit of length also goes for the multiples and sub-multiples, e.g. millemetre.

Above we have explained that one foot is 0.3048 meters.

The meter itself these days is defined as the distance light travel in a specific amount of time.

We have created this website about feet in meters so that everybody can change these units hassle-free by using our tool, and for that all visitors shall find relevant, additional information, not just the result.

As a matter of fact, depending on where you live and where you were raised, chances are high that you are only familiar with either, meters or feet.

Therefore, it’s very common to see people looking for ways to convert ‘ to meter and vice versa.

No matter whether you have searched for convert feet to meter, ′ in meter, convert foot to meters, or whatever other terms connected to the topic under consideration, by now you all details about feet in meters.

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