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If you have been looking for meters to feet then you have come to the right site.

Here we are going to tell you all about the length conversion you ever wanted to know. 🙂

Before we dive into the details, we would like to emphasize that we sometimes use the abbreviation m to denote the unit meter, whereas for the unit feet we occasionally use either the symbol ′ or the abbreviation ft.

The abbreviations ft and the prime symbol ′ can also mean foot, the singular form of feet.

Keep reading to learn how to convert the units.



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How many Feet in a Meter?

If you have been searching for how many feet in a meter, well the answer is: One meter is equivalent to 3.2808398950131233595800524934383 foot.

For daily calculations it is usually sufficient to go with the approximation 1 meter ≈ 3.28 feet.

Now that you know the answer to how many feet in a meter let’s have a look at how to convert the length in the next part of our article.


For the meter to ′ conversion you have to divide the length or height in meter by 0.3048.

The meters to feet formula is:

[foot] = [meter] / 0.3048

For example, to get the equivalent of three meters in feet we have to divide 3 by 0.3048 and get ≈ 9.84.

Therefore, 3 meters are approximately ten feet.

Actually, the meter in ′ math is quite simple, but instead of entering the numbers into your calculator you had better use our converter below.

Or use the Search Conversions form in the sidebar.

Assumed your length, width, height or depth is denoted by x, you may enter x meter in ‘ or x meters to feet and inches.

In the results page you can find all articles which are relevant to your query.

About our Meters to Feet Converter

What distinguishes our meters to ′ converter at the top of this page from similar tools is that our calculator not only converts from meters to feet, but also from meters to feet and inches combined.

Just enter the value in meter using a decimal point in case of fractions, the math is conducted automatically.

To start over you should clear the values first by pressing Reset.

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Below are some of our repeatedly searched conversions:

Now you already know how to change meters into feet.

But what about converting one meter to the other imperial and US customary units inch, yard and mile?

The equivalents of one meter in these imperial units of measurement are:

1 meter to inches = 39.37007 in
1 meter to yards = 1.09361 yd
1 meter to miles = 0.00062 mi

The results have been rounded to 5 decimals.

About this Page

This article has been created to help you with the meter to foot conversion as people usually have grown up either with system of measurement known as imperial, found for example in the United States, Canada, and the British Commonwealth, or the SI system which has the meter as its base unit.

These days, 1 m is defined as the distance traversed by light in a specific fraction of as second.

So, when traveling you might be faced with changing these units to understand the height or length in the measurement you are not familiar with.

Along the same lines can you make sense when someone is said to be 1.71 m tall.

Last, but not least, note that the “meter” is the American spelling, you will likely see “metre” in other contexts.

The same goes for the multiples and sub-multiples of a meter.

Unless you have to conduct meter conversion to feet frequently, it probably doesn’t make much sense to learn the formula by heart.

Just remember our site and our converter to come back whenever you need to change m into feet.

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